Douglas Zulu is a Chattered Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP), a seasoned banker, certified financial modeller, Banking and Financial Services Expert, Business Administration, Central Banker, FinTech Specialist, Digital Financial Services Specialist, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Currencies with over 1 banking experience. As a founding Chairperson for Association For Digital Finance Practitioners (ADFP), h believes that digitization of financial transactions is one way to achieve financial inclusion. He is involved in public speaking and a key resource in Increasing Revenues, effective Portfolio Management, Product Development, Relationship Management, Exceptional Customer Service, Robust Financial Modelling using advanced excel tools, Impeccable Corporate and SME Credit skills, Micro-finance and Business Development. 

Through experience, he has created financial models that can be used by Central Banks, MNOs, Insurance Companies, Auditing Firms, SMEs and Commercial Banks to predict behaviours and forecast trends for strategic decision making that support growth. 

Douglas Zulu holds a first Degree in Mathematics and an MBA in Finance. Other certifications include Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner, Advanced Professional Diploma and Professional Diploma in Banking and Financial Services, and Certificate in Financial Modelling. He is currently a CFA level I scholar.