We have recognized that some conversations around Financial Policymaking, Regulation and Supervision need to take place in a more closed
environment with fellow Regulators and Supervisors only. To this aim, we have created new regional Communities of Practice (CoPs) in the following
regions: West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia.​

These COPs are exclusively for Policymakers, Supervisors and Regulators to come together to network, share, collaborate and discuss issues and
challenges with peers in their respective region. It will give a chance to reflect on the learnings of the course and to help identify and implement action both within individual countries and across the region.

Our regional COPs are facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, with years of experience working as a Regulator or Supervisor and strong knowledge on DFS Supervision that aligns financial inclusion and financial stability. Their role is to facilitate discussion and ideation, and to provide space for you to share your experiences and views with your peers. Online learning can be a lonely experience, so if you can attend a CoP meeting, we highly recommend that you do.

We would like to introduce you to your CoP facilitators by the region that they facilitate:

Community of Practice Facilitators